Win at Tinder

Match Genie is your secret weapon for WINNING AT TINDER! Whatever you're looking for on Tinder - true love or just some fun - The Genie helps you do it better!


Forget "Likers" and use Science

Match Genie is not just another dumb "like everybody" app for Tinder - Match Genie is a simple but powerful results-booster for Tinder, backed by serious research.


Browse without commitment

Browse without having to "like" or "reject" anybody - play the field and see who's available, without burning any bridges! Go back and pick the ones you like best!

Match Genie

1000's of ★★★★★ reviews!

We've have had 1000's of ★★★★★ reviews! Download Match Genie for Tinder and see why people love our App! - Match Genie Team

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"This is the only app out there that cuts all the $%#@ and show me exactly who likes me on tinder!" - SebAU

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"..Most of these Tinder apps are garbage but this one actually works. Been using it for about 24 hours and it's pretty stable, nice interface too. " - dpcell

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"App works perfect. Glad to see someone came out with this to see who likes you on tinder!" - Kctindererkc

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"Allows you to see who's actually interested. Beats mindlessly swiping through a multitude of profiles." - Crazy Asian Minor

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